Choose from a great selection of workshops that tackle common challenges faced by every SaaS business. Whatever your challenge, whatever stage your business is at, one of these workshops will be for you and your colleagues!

  • Each of these instructor-led workshops is hands-on.
  • During your workshop you will apply what you learn to examples and issues that are relevant to your business right now.
  • All workshops are 4-hours in duration, with a break midway through for afternoon tea and networking.
  • Expect to participate in small group discussions with other workshop participants – Chatham House rules apply.
  • Prior to the day you will receive a workshop information pack outlining any pre-reading or preparation that may be required.
  • Following the workshop, you will then be able to continue your conversations with instructors and peers in the kiwiSaaS Central SaaS Forum. To do this you will need to sign up to the kiwiSaaS Central community platform prior to the day (it’s free - learn how). Be part of a supportive network as you implement the workshop strategies you have learnt and have access to world-class SaaS resources and exclusive kiwiSaaS events and offers. Sign up to kiwiSaaS Central now.


Southern SaaS

*Fully booked*

Do You Have a Wishlist or a Strategy? Playing to Win!

Facilitated by: Callaghan Innovation, New Zealand's innovation agency

As a leadership team, how are you currently assigning your finite resources (money and people) for optimal return? 

Playing to Win is a proven framework to constantly monitor, test, and modify your strategy so it remains relevant in today’s changing environment. 

You will learn how to: 

  • Use a winning method to choose between strategic alternatives (there are always plenty of good ideas but never enough resources to achieve them all). 

  •  Make hard choices about how you will allocate your limited resources. 

  • Test your current strategy with your peers. 

  • Articulate your strategic choices in simple language on a single page.  

  • Ensure your strategic choices are aligned to make decisions that set you up to play to win. 

After this workshop you will have a framework to help you make those tough strategic decisions.  

Recommended for: 

Founders, CEOs and senior leadership team members


Discovering Product Market Fit with Data-Driven Insights

Facilitated by: Brainmates, Australian specialists in product management

Has your business found Product Market Fit, based on reliable data-driven insights? 

Reaching Product Market Fit is a critical milestone in the journey of any successful SaaS startup. Having an accurate read on Product Market Fit helps to ensure that your product meets the needs of the target market and sets the foundations for exponential growth. 

A common challenge faced by startup founders is a lack of reliable data that informs them about Product Market Fit. This can cause misinterpretation of market signals and premature investments in scaling the business. The outcomes are alarming: a shorter runway and a lower likelihood of follow-on funding.  

You will learn how to: 

  • Use reliable data-driven insights to identify and monitor Product Market Fit.  

  • Understand the product lifecycle and how to identify usage metrics to measure success. 

  • Uncover potential gaps and assumptions that prevent you from achieving Product Market Fit. 

  • Create a mock-up Product Market Fit dashboard to monitor usage metrics. 

After this workshop you will be able to use data to determine your company’s Product Market Fit metrics. 

Recommended for: 

Founders/CEOs, Product and Marketing leaders


Unlocking growth through better Pricing and Packaging

Facilitated by: Simon Kucher (Australian office), a global consultancy specialising in pricing and growth

Do you understand what drives value for your customers and have you deployed smart differentiation in your pricing and packaging to reflect this? 

The most successful (and valuable) SaaS companies around the world understand this, and you will too! 

You will learn how to: 

  • Design a product portfolio that addresses the needs of different segments – so you can acquire new customers, retain the existing ones, and monetise the incremental value of new services and features, all at the same time. 

  • Align how you charge to the value you deliver to your customers. 

  • Understand customer willingness-to-pay to set your price levels. 

  • Deploy sustainable incentives for prospects to try, and buy, your products. 

After this workshop you will be able to talk to your (prospective) customers to understand where they experience value in your solution and develop a well-aligned pricing and packaging strategy. 

Recommended for

Founders/CEOs, Product, Marketing, RevOps leaders

Facilitators: Jason Carley and Chris Petzoldt - two directors from the Simon-Kucher Sydney, Australia office


Demand Planning Process: 

Learn a predictable way to scale your business; from product market fit to growth

Facilitated by: Revenue Chemists, US-based demand generation experts

Does your business have a repeatable and scalable demand generation process?

Do you have a demand generation process to predict revenue and growth?

You will learn how to:

  • Figure out who you sell to, what matters to them, and how to converse with them.
  • Understand your unique differentiators and how to leverage them.
  • Know when you have Product Market Fit.

After this workshop you will have the tools to be able to establish and follow a demand generation planning process that will enable predictable revenue and business growth.

Recommended for:

Founders, CEOs and senior leadership team members and sales practitioners

Facilitator: Carter Perez - CEO and Co-Founder of US-based Revenue Chemists

*Fully booked*

Preparing to Scale: 

Is your business ready for rapid growth?

Facilitated by: EndGame, Wellington-based SaaS technical support specialists

How scalable are your product, team, and organisation?  

If you received a capital injection tomorrow, would you be ready? In small groups with peers, you will develop practical steps to ensure your organisation is well positioned to grow.  

You will learn how to:  

  • Identify common pitfalls that startups face when scaling their product, sales and tech.  

  • Diagnose the mindsets and behaviours that may not serve your startup well in the future.  

  • Make small improvements now to position your company to scale.  

After this workshop you will have the tools to work through growth challenges and create a solid foundation for scaling your company. 

Recommended for: 

Founders and leaders of early stage and growing startups.


Want to build a world-class People Experience in your company?

Facilitated by: Auror and Sprinklr

Whether you’re a founder, a senior leader, or already in the People function at your company, your ability to attract, engage, and retain top talent is a major driver of overall success.

Learn from two of New Zealand’s leading People-people in SaaS about how to build and scale exceptional People Experiences (PX) in a workshop covering the different elements of PX, prioritised by you.

The workshop will be broken into two sections: Attract & Retain.

You will learn how to:  

  • Articulate your Employer Value Proposition and find the foundations for your employer brand  

  • Develop strong, consistent, and collaborative recruitment processes  

  • Create a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategy, with clear and actionable next steps  

  • Build great first impressions with a quality onboarding experience  

  • Link your Company Strategy to your PX Strategy  

  • Tactics for building progression frameworks so everyone knows how to learn and grow  

  • Create an approach to compensation and benefits that scales with you  

  • Develop leaders that your people want to follow  

After this workshop you will have a clear path forward in building a company where people love to work. 

Recommended for: 

Founders, CEOs and senior leadership team members


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